AmiCalc– Amine Plant Sizing Program

AmiCalc™ is a tool that allows natural gas professionals to perform basic amine plant sizing and utility (fuel and electrical) consumption calculations quickly and easily. The program results can then be saved as pdf’s. AmiCalc™ is available in English and Russian and in Windows and Mac formats. This will allow different treating scenarios to be tested quickly to optimize the gas flows at a site. If you would like assistance, Newpoint’s engineers are ready to assist you.

AmiCalc Version 1.3.2

Download Windows Version 1.3.2 (English) 6.41 MB Download
Download Windows Version 1.3.2 (Russian) 6.44 MB Download
Download Mac Version 1.3.2 (English) 2.56 MB Download
Download Mac Version 1.3.2 (Russian) 2.56 MB Download

AmiCalc Version 1.3.3

Download Windows Version 1.3.3 (Metric) 6.41 MB Download
Download Mac Version 1.3.3 (Metric) 2.56 MB Download

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